What is the most effective way to clean a bird cage?

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Owning a pet bird can be very rewarding. Birds are very intelligent creatures and many species enjoy interacting with their owners. It is very important to provide your avian friend with a safe and healthy environment. Your bird's cage is his home, the place where he spends most of his time. It is critical to ensure that his living quarters are not only stimulating, with a variety of safe toys and perches, but also are scrupulously clean.

There are several methods used to clean a bird cage as well as various cleaning products that are effective. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing cleaning products is that the cleaner you choose must be bird safe. Birds have very delicate respiratory systems and you need to be highly vigilant to protect your pet from harmful fumes and toxins.

Several companies make bird-safe cage cleaning products that work well, but you can also make your own cleaner out of common household ingredients. A recipe for a natural, bird-safe, and effective cage cleaner combines just three ingredients. The ingredients are hot water, baking soda and lemon juice.

To make this natural cleaner, first start with a clean spray bottle, one that did not previously contain any toxic substances. It is wiser to purchase a new spray bottle then to recycle one by cleaning it. Mix together 3 cups hot water, 3 tablespoons baking soda and 3 tablespoons lemon juice. The lemon juice contains enzymes that will break down the food and droppings on the bird cage while also acting as a natural disinfectant that is safe for your bird.

The most effective way to clean a bird cage is to make sure that you make it a priority everyday to remove the food deposits and bird droppings on the cage. It is advisable to remove your bird from the cage, especially if you are spraying any cleaner. Once you have removed your bird to a safe place, which can include a bird stand or play area, spray the dried on food and droppings, allowing the cleaner to sit a couple of minutes to break down the organic matter. This will make it much easier to wipe off.

For stubborn dried poop or food, you can use a sturdy brush to scrub the surface. Be sure to clean your bird's perches as well. It is also important to clean any toys and bowls. Food and water bowls should be thoroughly cleaned daily, with hot soapy water, and rinsed well. The water bowl will need more attention, especially if your bird bathes in his water bowl or poops in it.

The most widely recommended lining for the floor of a bird cage is newspaper. It is imperative that you change the newspaper daily when you clean the cage. It is also recommended that you use black and white newsprint instead of colorful pages to prevent any harm to your bird from the ink, if your bird tends to shred or otherwise play with the paper lining.

When you clean a bird cage, remember to wipe down any attachments, such as seed guards as well. A small handheld vacuum also comes in handy to quickly remove seeds or food that has exited the cage and landed on the floor or other nearby surfaces.

You are also encouraged do a deep cleaning of the cage at least once a month. If you are able to take the cage outside, you can hose it down or use a pressure washer to thoroughly clean the cage. Many bird owners use a steam cleaner to effectively clean a bird cage. Make sure that the cage is completely dry before allowing your bird to return to his home.

Maintaining a clean bird cage is one of the most important ways to keep your pet healthy and happy. If you develop a routine to clean the cage daily, it will not become an overwhelming chore. A daily cage cleaning session can be accomplished quickly and efficiently, so that you have plenty of time to spend interacting with your pet bird.

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